What are the primary psycho-social issues you have had to deal with as a cancer survivor?

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member8738 (High Risk Individual) - 03 / 14 / 2012

There is one big psychosocial issue with me since I looked my mortality square in the eye: How I view myself and how I view my relationship with others.

How I do it since cancer is only different in that I am more keen to how I relate to the people in my life and how they relate to me. I yo yo on how to stay at peace with myself and the people I have a difficult time with. It’s harder since cancer, at least with one friend who, because of her personal issues has not been able to support me through this life-changing experience (not to mention, she just drives me crazy though has very good traits).

Then there are family dynamics (like so many folks, I have had less than normal family circumstances). I question whether it is healthy for me to stay close to family and friends who just stress me out. This leads to the second part of my big psychosocial issue: how I view myself. When I think about distancing myself from the people who upset me over and over, I wonder if I am being too selfish.

Also on how I view me: I was always aware of the things I want to change about myself, as I relate to the people I care about, especially my family. I have made a lot of mistakes with my daughter. I am even more sensitive to how much I want to change. I am especially sensitive to not being as successful at it at it when I fall back in very difficult situations. But then again, I am even more keen now to the reality that every day is a new chance to get back up.
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