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TalkAboutHealth is collecting, organizing, and curating a library of knowledge and answers from the world's leading medical professionals as well as trained supporters who have been through it so that everyone can benefit from our collective knowledge.

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Everyone can search and find helpful, accurate, and relevant answers from leading experts and trained survivors.

Ask and answer questions

Ask a question and we will find the right experts, survivors, and organizations to answer. We connect patients, high risk individuals, and supporters who need health support, with survivors, experts, and organizations that can help.

Q&A Workshops with leading medical professionals

Several times a week we invite leading medical professionals to answer questions from the community. Here are some of our upcoming workshops and here are our past workshops.

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We encourage users to post your discoveries or what you are thinking in our community area to educate others and start conversations.

Meet others who can help

We recommend matches for you with people who can help, such as experienced peers, survivors, and experts. We match members based on experiences, disease, treatments, medications, side effects, demographics, cultural background, and much more.

Accurate, timely, and helpful

We find the right people to answer questions based on experience and specialty. Both the staff at TalkAboutHealth and experienced community members review all answers. If answers are not accurate or helpful, they are marked "Not helpful", or are flagged and removed.

Individualized and relevant

We match you with the answers and knowledge you need based on your health and profile information.

Organized and curated

We organize and curate the questions and answers so that the information patients and others are searching for is trusted and easily found.


We notify you of new answers and updates via facebook, email, Twitter, and more so you get the latest information.

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