1. What is TalkAboutHealth?

TalkAboutHealth provides access to the knowledge and expertise of the world's leading medical professionals as well as the experiences of trained supporters. We are building a comprehensive collection of health and medical answers and experiences shared directly by the experts doing the research and caring for patients every day. We keep you up to date with our daily and weekly emails.

2. How does TalkAboutHealth work?

TalkAboutHealth finds the right experts, survivors, and organizations to answer questions.

1) Post a question.
2) We notify experts, survivors, and organizations to answer your question.
3) We update you with answers in via email, twitter, and more.

All questions and answers are organized and searchable.

2. How does TalkAboutHealth find the right people to share their knowledge and answer questions?

We find the leading experts in their fields to join the community and share their expertise.

We match patient and health questions with experts, survivors, and organizations who can help based on their expertise, experience, disease, stage, and more. The more profile and health information you share and the more active you are, the better we can match you with answers and other members to build your support network.

3. How long will it take to receive an answer?

We will notify people of your question or guide you to similar questions right away. Our goal is to have answers as soon as possible, but depending on the question, it may take some time. Unfortunately not everyone will receive an individualize answer from a leading expert, but we are working on that.

4. How does TalkAboutHealth ensure answers are accurate and helpful?

- We notify the right people to answer your question based on experience, expertise, disease, stage, and more.
- Both the staff at TalkAboutHealth and experienced community members review all answers to ensure accuracy and helpfulness. If answers are not accurate or helpful, they are marked "Not helpful", or are flagged and removed.
- Questions are organized into topics and duplicate questions are merged to make it easier to find relevant information.

5. What can I use TalkAboutHealth for?

- Get answers to your health questions from the right people.
- Meet others with similar health concerns to expand your support network.
- Learn from peers, survivors, and experts and immediately benefit from their experience and knowledge.
- Share your experiences, daily struggles, and triumphs to help others and increase the knowledge of the community.

6. What else can I do on TalkAboutHealth?

- Browse or search for information using health key words.
- Find members just like you by using personal interest key words.
- Contribute your insights and knowledge by answering questions and sharing thoughts.
- Be notified of questions and answers relevant to you.

7. Who is welcome to join TalkAboutHealth?

Everyone! Patients, high risk individuals, survivors, caregivers, family, friends, physicians, pharmacists, nurses, therapists. Everyone in the health community is encouraged to share, request help, and provide support.

8. How do I get started?

Go to www.TalkAboutHealth.com and click "Join". Joining only takes a minute.

9. What is a "Thank you"?

A "Thank you" is given by members to each other to show gratitude. If someone helps you, please give them a "Thank you." For example, "Thank you sunshine for your advice about finding a physician that is right for me. As a result, I found the perfect physician and feel so much better about asking questions."

"Thank you's" are very important to TalkAboutHealth. They help us to measure our goals of connecting people and helping each other.

10. Is TalkAboutHealth anonymous?

Yes. You will only be identified by your username. You determine how much information to share in your profile and whether your profile is private, public or viewable by the community.

To be absolutely sure your identity is anonymous, we recommend the following:
- Do not associate your real name with your username.
- Make your username different than other usernames you use on the internet.

11. How do I protect my privacy?

By default, the profile and health information you provide is viewable by the community. You may change your Privacy Settings to make your profile information private or public.
TalkAboutHealth does not share personally identifiable information such as your name and email address without your explicit permission.

12. Is TalkAboutHealth safe?

TalkAboutHealth is a designated safe space. We monitor and review communications and content on the site to maintain the quality of the content and enforce Community Guidelines. As well, we have a 'flagging' system and encourage Members to 'flag' users, answers, or replies that do not follow Community Guidelines or cause Members to experience negative feelings.

Users who do not follow the Community Guidelines will be banned from the Community. Unacceptable content will be removed from the site.

13. Are TalkAboutHealth questions and answers public?

All questions and answers on TalkAboutHealth are public and can be found by internet search engines. By default, usernames and profile images anonymous to the public. Users may make their usernames and profile images public if they choose.

Only Community Members may participate on the site, including asking and answering questions.

14. Is it free?


15. What if I see unhelpful information or content that may cause negative feelings in others?

Please 'flag' content if you feel it may cause negative feelings in others or is misleading or inaccurate. If an answer is unhelpful, please click the "Not helpful" link. We actively moderate the community, but we need your help as well. Content that is flagged multiple times will be investigated. Please email us if you feel the matter is urgent.

16. Can other people edit my questions?

This site is collaboratively edited, similar to Wikipedia. If you do not want your questions edited by other trusted users, this may not be the site for you.

17. I forgot my password. What should I do?

To reset your password, go to Forgot Password and enter the email address you used to set up your account. An email will be sent to you with a new password.

18. How do I contact TalkAboutHealth support?

Send an e-mail to support@talkabouthealth.com. We are happy to help and always available to give assistance.

19. Got an idea for a health community you think would benefit from TalkAboutHealth?

We will open to other health communities very soon. Please let us know your request at support@talkabouthealth.com.

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