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As a member of the TalkAboutHealth partner network, your organization will be part of a unique community dedicated to educating and providing support to people everywhere.

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Types of Partners

Content Partners answer questions and provide support on TalkAboutHealth.
- We notify you of relevant questions.
- We match your answers to the people who need them.
- We recommend your organization to people who need you.

Cause Marketing Partners co-promote events, programs, and news.
- We promote your organization, events, and programs.
- We connect your organization to patients who need you based on location, need, and more.


- Attract and connect with local and national patients based on need.
- Raise awareness around your unique content, programs, and events.
- Showcase your expertise and research on specific topics.
- Reach a wider audience of potential consumers.
- Help more people using social media to share your programs and content.
- Drive traffic to your web site.
- Build your online reputation and recognition.
- Provide a valuable and trusted resource for current members.

How we recognize and help our partners

- Include logos, information, and links on our Partners page.
- Opportunities to create questions and answers to feature organization's expertise.
- Highlight in our blog and newsletter.
- Promote via facebook and twitter.
- Share videos on youtube and other channels.
- Opportunities to guest blog.
- Opportunities for videos and PSAs.
- Opportunities to co-sponsor events.

Your responsibilities as a partner

- Answer relevant questions on (Content Partners).
- Promote TalkAboutHealth via facebook and twitter.
- Highlight TalkAboutHealth in your blog and newsletter.
- Feature and link back to TalkAboutHealth from your website.

How it works

- Free to join and begin connecting and sharing.
- We notify you of relevant questions (Content Partners).
- We match your answers to the people who need them (Content Partners).
- We recommend patients to connect with you based on location and need.
- Promote your organization, programs, events, and other news to the community.
- Easily distribute your answers via twitter and facebook.
- We update you with the latest questions and answers for topics that interest you.
- Email us to discuss cross-promotions and other promotional opportunities (guest blogging, question and answers, etc.).

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