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Our mission is to make patient learning easier, more effective, and more individualized.

TalkAboutHealth is an expert Q&A web site that provides access to the knowledge and expertise of the world's leading experts simulating doctor patient conversations to better prepare patients for appointments. Our goal is to provide interactive and personalized learning programs that guide patients through treatments step by step, intuitively encouraging higher level doctor patient interactions, reducing stress, and helping prepare for what's next.

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When a person is dealing with a serious illness, there is a huge amount of information to learn in a limited time with limited access to experts. With thousands of answers and hundreds of videos, TalkAboutHealth has developed a library of knowledge and experiences that tell stories, communicate with patients as people, deal with biases and objections, and provide context.

We are a welcoming and caring community that has come together to meet, share, and learn with each other. We welcome patients, families, caregivers, survivors, professionals, and organizations.

What makes us different:

1) Relevant, helpful, and accurate health answers and information. Every question on TalkAboutHealth should be the best resource possible, covering all points of view and perspectives. To accomplish this goal, we find and notify the right experts and trained survivors to answer questions. Answers come directly from experts performing the research and caring for patients every day in surgery, oncology, psychiatry, screening, prevention, and more. We then curate and organize the content and answers to make them easy to find and accessible to everyone.

2) The right information to the right people, at the right time. We organize and curate all of our content so answers are easy to find, and we guide patients to relevant information based on their disease, stage, treatments, side effects, and more. We notify users of answers to their questions and other relevant information via e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter.

Our vision

A world where all patients, caregivers, and medical professionals have access to the health support they need, when they need it.

Our mission

To improve people’s lives by connecting them with the right information they need for support in managing their health.

Our sharing philosophy

At TalkAboutHealth we believe in sharing our experiences and knowledge. Our purpose is to create a community to help each other and expand our collective knowledge. That's why all content is collected, organized, and made available for the benefit and convenience of everyone.

What TalkAboutHealth can do for you

- Feel confident making decisions after getting answers from leading experts.
- Take control of your care after learning from survivors and experienced peers.
- Know that you are not alone after connecting with others like you.
- Have hope after hearing survivors' experiences.
- Take comfort in sharing with someone else.
- Feel fulfilled after helping others.

Anonymous and secure

You will only be identified by your username. You determine how much information to share in your profile and whether your profile is private, public, or viewable by the community. TalkAboutHealth protects your personal information and will not share personally identifiable information such as your name and email address without your explicit permission.


TalkAboutHealth is a designated safe space. We diligently review and moderate content to enforce Community Guidelines. Members are encouraged to 'flag' content they feel is not acceptable. TalkAboutHealth removes content and bans users that do not follow the Community Guidelines or that cause negative feelings for others.

Future features

Please share your feedback and thoughts, or just say hi to our team at feedback@talkabouthealth.com

Message from our founder: Murray Jones

I was inspired to start TalkAboutHealth while my father was going through treatment for melanoma. It was a difficult and emotional period where we had many decisions to make in a limited amount of time. We felt alone and confused. There was too much information available and we did not know what was relevant or significant.

There are 12 million survivors in the United States and 1.6 million new cases in 2012. All of these patients need support and education. That is why TalkAboutHealth is here. Our goal is to improve outcomes by helping patients find the right information, communicate better with their doctors expressing their needs and desires, and feel confident in their decisions.

A Few of Our Advisors

Eliot Bergson was a founding member of the Web team at Netscape Communications as its Program Manager and Editor in Chief; during his tenure, the Netscape Website became the most visited on the Internet, growing to 28M daily page views and 50M software downloads. His group also launched many firsts on the Internet, including personalized home pages, live news feeds, international Websites, and more.

Most recently, Mr. Bergson was Vice President and General Manager at Scrollmotion, where he turned around the enterprise business, increasing group revenue and margins and improving customer satisfaction for the company’s global Fortune 100 clients.

After Netscape, Mr. Bergson launched McAfee.com, the online anti-virus software site and an early SaaS-based business, and was later a founder of the Internet Division and VP, Product and Content Development, for Medicalogic/Medscape, the first end-to-end online EMR and consumer healthcare platform.

Mike Blumenfeld is the the entrepreneur in residence at NYU Stern Berkley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and on the Board of Trustees at Workshop In Business Opportunities.

Mike works with entrepreneurs who are passionate about their products and services and who are open to exploring new and different alternatives to grow their businesses profitably. He specialize in small to midsized product and service businesses and with owners who are looking to create a positive corporate culture that attracts and retains comitted employees, customers, vendors and investors. In his 30 years of experience working for rapidly growing companies served him well when starting his consulting practice back in 1981. He focuses on results, not theories and since he has held positions comparable to the ones filled by the clients he works with, he understand the challenges and distractions they face and how to deal with them.

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