Please provide a list of foods that are slow to digest, so that I avoid overeating them.

Lately I find I'm listless when I indulge in ice cream for instance.

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2ndActHealth (Complementary Care Expert (Verified) ) - 01 / 14 / 2013

I would recommend staying clear of white breads of any kind - as they are very high in sugar.

I strongly recommend that you examine how you are eating. This starts with the basics such as chewing your food thoroughly.

Depending on the type of foods you like to eat, adding a good quality source of protein will be the best food type I can recommend.

I recommend soft boiled eggs in the morning as an excellent nutrition source slow-digesting food. I recommend you buy the best quality eggs you can - free-range or cage-free being at the top of the list.

Try adding a meat protein such as salmon at lunch. This will also keep your energy at a higher level throughout the day and provide you excellent all round nutrition.

At night time, i recommend a smaller protein portion with greens. I recommend going light on carbohydrates in the evening, as well as allowing for 3 hours of no food intake before bedtime.

Help your digestion system out by not drinking while you eat.

I hope this helps out.
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Tanya (Family member) - 05 / 02 / 2011

White bread is slow to digest because it has no enzymes to help you digest it. Its lack of enzymes also causes your pancreas to work harder. White bread also includes pizza, hamburger buns, etc. so keep an eye out.

Whole milk hard cheese takes a long time to digest as well. While yogurt is good for digestion, the density of hard cheese plus its high fat content can make you feel sluggish. It can take up to six hours for these foods to digest so that is six hours of blood going to your stomach instead of your brain.

What can give you energy? Eating breakfast everyday, drinking lots of water (you can add lemon or cucumber slices, mint or grated ginger to add some flavor).

There are also slow digesting foods that are good for you and can keep you alert: Oranges, apples, soy milk, yogurt,tuna, salmon, bananas, oatmeal, lean meats, Brown rice, buckwheat, whole-grain rye bread, sourdough rye bread, pita bread, sweet potato, most wheat pastas.
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