My fasting blood sugar is 150. I am not on any medication. Should I be concerned and go on medication or could control this with diet and exercise?

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Tanya (Family member) - 05 / 03 / 2011

It all depends on when you are getting these numbers. If you are getting them first thing in the morning, before eating or drinking anything, after eight hours of sleep, the normal level of glucose in blood is between 70mg/dl and 99 mg/dl. It appears that you may be diabetic. I would go to a doctor and go through the tests needed to be sure.

However, if your definition of fasting is a couple of hours after a meal then the numbers can be different. No matter when your last meal was, any random blood gluclose test should not be more than 200 mg/dl. Anything above this means you most likely have diabetes.

A random blood sugar of 140-150 mg/dl is not considered diabetes or pre-diabetes. Pre-diabetes is considered when fasting (first thing in morning) blood glucose 100-126 mg/dl or 2 hr after meal blood glucose is 140-199 mg/dl. SO you may be pre-diabetic. It is impossible to tell just from the question, your doctor can set you up with some tests.

There are some other warning signs of diabetes:
excessive thirst - having to drink glass after glass with no relieve
excessive urination - do you feel like you have to urinate more often
losing weight without even trying
weakness, fatigue, feeling run down
tingling and numbness in your hands, legs and/or feet
blurred vision
dry and/or itchy skin
frequent infections or cuts and bruises that take a long time to heal

Please head over to a doctor to be sure. There are some people that can manage diabetes through diet and exercise alone and others who need to take medication. The important thing is to remember that you are not a bad diabetic if you have to take medicine.

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