In your search for a cure for breast cancer what directed your thinking that it is a virus in the human mammary that causes the tumor?

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DrKathleenTRuddy (Physician - Surgery - Breast (Verified) ) - 08 / 01 / 2011

A colleague gave me a copy of a handout from the San Antonio Breast Cancer Conference, 2006, in which there was an abstract from Dr. James Holland of Mt. Sinai School of Medicine discussing his research on the mouse mammary tumor virus and it's possible connection to a human equivalent, the human mammary tumor virus. I was shocked because that thought had never occurred to me, nor had I ever read or heard such an idea discussed. When I delved into the medical literature to learn more, I was even more shocked to learn that this virus was first identified in 1936! That really got me going to try to find out why it had been under the radar for so many years.
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member9444 (Survivor (5 - 10 years)) - 08 / 03 / 2011

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1936?! Are you kidding me?! I think our country may need to reassess the directions in which we take our cancer research.
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