I'm not familiar with homeopathy. Can you tell me what it is and how it benefits people with cancer?

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NYhomeopathy (Complementary Care Expert (Verified) ) - 01 / 22 / 2012

The direct definition of homeopathy is “Similar Suffering”. Simply put that means we work on the concept of “like cures like”. As a basic example, when you chop an onion, your eyes are likely to burn and water. A homeopathic preparation of red onion is one of our most popular remedies for the type of hay-fever that is accompanied by burning, watery eyes.

Homeopathy is a specialized healing modality that considers physical, mental and emotional symptoms to assess balance and imbalance in one’s health. This makes it a truly holistic practice that uses natural remedies to restore and optimize balance.

A homeopath’s first priority is to take the time to fully understand you as an individual, not simply as the mere sum of your various symptoms. Your physical, mental and emotional experience of these symptoms creates a larger picture that instructs us toward the remedy that most closely matches you.

Homeopathy is able to help people with cancer in multiple ways. On a purely symptomatic basis it can be very effective at relieving some of the side effects from chemotherapy. For instance, during my own treatment I (with the knowledge of my oncologist and medical team) was able to use an individually selected remedy to manage my nausea, which meant I did not need to take additional anti-nausea medications. I also happened to have a particularly strong allergic reaction to one of the chemotherapy drugs and was able to use a homeopathic remedy to address those symptoms rather than take a daily oral steroid medication. I was also able to use a specific protocol aimed at people with cancer to help my body fight the disease more effectively. Homeopathic remedies were also extremely helpful to me before and after surgery to speed my recovery, address bruising and tissue damage as well as relieve pain.

It is important to note that a homeopath is not a physician, nutritionist, herbalist, naturopath or psychologist. While some health care specialists integrate homeopathy into their practices, and some homeopaths integrate additional complementary practices into their homeopathic care, homeopathy is a stand-alone profession.
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