How do I find a competent, health care physician specializing in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) in my area?

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annieappleseed (Survivor (10 - 20 years)) - 10 / 17 / 2011

That's not as difficult as you may think. All the licensing groups have lists on their website by geographic locations. We actually guide you to it from our LINKS section. If you go to and click on LINKS (right side button), then scroll to Professional Referral Network, you'll see a page with all types of practitioners' organizations.

Seeking acupuncture, homeopathy, naturopathy, yoga, etc. All there.

Of course it also depends where you live - remote or rural, less likely o find someone.

MartineEhrenclou (Friend) - 10 / 19 / 2011

In my new book, one physician I interviewed recommended asking one physician whom you trust and feel confident in for a referral . He said that good doctors know other doctors like themselves.
Call a doctor's office who you trust and like and ask the doctor's nurse there who she/he sees.
Ask friends and colleagues who they see and like.
Call or go to your closest hospital ER. Ask the primary nurses there (RNs) and ask who they think are good doctors. They see who actually visits patients in the hospital, who responds to pages, and who care about their patients.
You can go to the AMA website and seek out doctors you are interested in. It is better if a doctor is board certified in his or her specialty.
Good luck!

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