How can patients keep track of how clinical trials are progressing and if any are showing promise?

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LawrenceRechtMD (Physician - Neurosurgery (Verified) ) - 09 / 11 / 2012

There are two questions posed here. First, it is very difficult to follow ongoing studies for progress, since they are rarely reported unless the result is exceptionally good (or bad). The one place that I wouldn’t consult is the media, however. News stories always attract attention (which is understandable) and provoke many calls to physicians. However, these studies are being aired (in my opinion) more because they seem newsworthy (or the impact of a good public relations group) rather than because they truly are the most exceptional; they are in essence an unpaid advertisement.

To address the second question, I know of no studies that are specifically addressing brain metastasis from triple negative breast cancer, which is becoming a particularly important issue in this group of patients. I do expect such studies to be available soon because it is becoming a particularly difficult clinical issue.
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