How can I prevent a yeast infection during breast radiation treatment or chemotherapy and during the healing process?

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JKJones (Pharmacist (Verified) ) - 11 / 08 / 2010

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Preventing a yeast infection during breast radiation treatment, chemotherapy, or during the healing process is essential.

Yeast infections occur in warm, moist, and dark locations on the body surface and skin. To prevent yeast infections or alleviate the symptoms, here are a few tips:

- Keep the area around and under your breasts dry and clean using non perfume, non-antibacterial, non harsh soap with warm water.
- After cleansing, blow dry the breast area and armpit area with a hair blow dryer on warm temperature (this will also be healing).
- Dust the area around, between, and under the breast folds with cornstarch powders to keep the area dry and thus absorb extra moisture and prevent rubbing of the skin surfaces. (Examples of powders include baby powder made from corn starch or sifted kitchen corn starch, but do not employ talc).
- During the day and night make every effort to keep from having skin touch skin and try not to itch or scratch. Consider placing soft cotton under and around your breasts to keep the breasts separated and consider wearing soft loose fitting clothes.
- Wear bras that are soft, but also with enough support to uplift your breasts and keep them apart. Avoid bras or clothes made from nylon or rayon as they may trap sweat and moisture providing an environment for yeast infection to overgrow the natural skin flora.
-Be sure you shower after exercising as sweat trapped under your breasts likewise provides an ideal environment for yeast to grow.
-A well balanced diet is important as well as eating yogurt that has not been heat treated and contains lactobacillus.
- Over the counter anti-fungal creams (such as athlete's foot medicine) may help and are available in pharmacies or pharmacy sections of drug stores.
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member5237 (Current Patient) - 12 / 01 / 2010

Use Pro-Biotics, especially Acidophillus .... IMMEDIATELY.
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