After surgery, healing and returning to normal can be arduous. What are safe healing foods or drinks could help assist in recovery?

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DrLisaSchwartz (Physician - Oncology - Radiation (Verified) ) - 07 / 15 / 2012

Recovery from surgery sometimes involves a very gradual return to normal activities and patients can be frustrated by the amount of time this takes. Ask your doctor if physical therapy is appropriate. Don’t attempt to pick up where you left off with your exercise. Often you will have to start back at square one. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I will again recommend well-balanced nutrition according to the Mediterranean diet. There are some patients that will have special nutritional needs especially if surgery has involved the GI tract. You may get a lot of benefit from seeing a registered dietician. Some patients try to load up on protein in the healing process but this is not appropriate for everyone and may even be detrimental in some cases. Vitamin C at about 2000 mg per day may help with skin healing but should only be continued for one week or so post op. Remember, vitamin C should not be taken with chemotherapy or radiation since it is an antioxidant. Any intervention that you would like to try should be cleared through your surgeon.
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